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Bakrra Karai
24.00 Sfr
Dés de gigot d’agneau apprêtés avec gingembre, Coriandre, tomates et ail

Lamb Karahi is a robust but simple Pakistani meal with a stunning flavor. However the beauty of it is the fact that it is less time consuming than the traditional Indian curries, the meat and spices are not browned, but blended and then simmered gently.

"Garam masala" is added to Indian and Pakistani dishes in the last few minutes of cooking and its purpose is to lift the flavor of the dish. It can be bought ready made, but the fresher it is the better it is and this is the perfect amount for one meat dish. Although it takes ages to seed the cardamom it is the best thing to as they taste fantastic when fresh and they do not keep well dried.

Lamb karahi can be made from either the leg or the shoulder of lamb, the shoulder is fattier and also more flavorful, whilst the leg is more solid and meatier. The karahi is the name of the traditional Pakistani cooking dish, but it can be cooked in a frying pan. The amount of garlic in this recipe is not a typo, it is fifteen cloves.

Bakrra Karai
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